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Hey Team!

It’s one month until the sun is shining longer and the temperature starts to rise. Summer is nearly here which means you’ll be wanting to bare more skin.

Are you feeling confident to do that?

You have 30 more days to really stay consistent and focused on your nutrition and training to make that possible.

Keep in mind there is no magic pill or easy 28day program that will really get you summer ready. Those advertisements you’re seeing are playing on your emotions. They are playing on your fears. They are providing false expectations.

Reality states: 1kg is equal to appx 7700 cal. Which would mean to lose that much each week you’d need to cut back your calories by around 1100 a day!!! THAT’S NOT HEALTHY NOR SAFE!

Drastically cutting calories can have the opposite long term affects you are seeking. Alternatively, trying to burn off that many calories daily by smashing yourself with cardio or double sessions will leave you in a world of hurt.  For example, it will slow your metabolism, your hormones- leptin & ghrelin will be all out of whack.

Healthy is to aim for between 200-500g reduction in your weight each week. That’s doable. That’s manageable. That’s 1 less latte or smoothie, or glass of juice, or ½ muffin to your current diet each day. Alternatively, that’s like taking a brisk walk on your lunch break daily.


Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. – Mahatma Gandhi


We are all exposed to xenoestrogens which can lead to hormonal imbalances. What is xenoestrogens?? They are estrogen mimickers. How are we exposed to them? In our daily environment. There are over 70k registered chemicals that have been linked to effecting hormones. You may think, “well, I’m not using chemicals, I am safe”. WRONG- have you ever purchased a bottle of water from the servo or grocery store shelf? You were exposed to Bisphenol-A  (BPA). Have you ever taken your clothes to the dry cleaners? You were exposed to organ chlorines.  What’s this mean for you?  It could be the reason your body is storing excess fat!

Here’s a link to a pdf that explains it all in more detail and tells you how you can minimize your exposure. http://www.balancedconcepts.net/tips_avoid_xenoestrogens.pdf

When I was prepping for my bodybuilding shows making some of the small changes on the list resulted in a big difference in my body fat % on my estrogen sites- upper legs, back of arms.



Are your words aligned with your goals? Take time to listen to the words between the lines.

I often hear people saying, “ I just want to lose 5kg before summer”.

Let us break that phrase down.  The word JUST– relates to not being important. Ie I’m “just” going to run up to the shops… I was “just” about to do that. It’s a word for an  idea or action that hasn’t been committed to.

LOSE- how do you feel when you lose your keys? How do you feel when you lose a bet? That word triggers negative emotions. When we lose something, we want it back!

A better phrase would be “Before summer arrives I want to gain confidence in my body” or “I want to show off and be able to wear xyz size dress/bikini/suit in summer”


It’s impossible to change what isn’t tracked. How do you know where you can improve? What can you modify in your week if you don’t know what you did each day?

Using the myfitnesspal app has numerous benefits. It allows you to really think twice before selecting your food. It allows you to see the micronutrients and macronutrients of each food (ie it lists vitamins, proteins, fats, carbs). It gives you something productive to do other than trolling facebook and instagram. Be honest. If you have time to check social media, emails from home on your phone, then you have time to log your food.

When you track your food, you CAN visually see what changes you can make to reach your goal. It’s all there in the numbers. When you track your food I can also help make recommendations to keep you on track to your goal.

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