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Hey Team!

It’s silly season.

I actually had to look up the definition recently to make sure I’m not just using a phrase everyone talks about in the wrong context.

Defined by the Merriam Webster dictionary as, “ a period marked by frivolous, outlandish, or illogical activity or behaviour”.

I think it’s safe to say I’ve used it correctly.

I mean this is the only month everyone seems to over indulge, binge, feel like it is acceptable to undo all their hard work for the entire year, only to say in 30 days, on Jan 1, they are going to get back in shape.

Sorry for the smack in the face team. WHY THE HELL would you NEED to get BACK in shape??? You should be thinking of how you can maintain your shape this month to create an even better shape next year.

That does seem Silly, doesn’t it ???!!

Remember I have a 12 week body weight training and mindset Ebook program available for purchase to help you stay accountable and in shape over this season even if you’re not able to get into the gym!


I can’t understand why people are frightened by new ideas. I’m frightened by old ones. – John Cage


My gift to you all…….. complete this as a circuit doing minimum of 12 reps each (except for the Tabata). Once you’ve completed all exercises rest a few minutes then repeat 2 more times.


H-hammy hip raises

R-Russian twist

I-inclined push up (ie: up against your sofa or a coffee table or your bed)


T-tabata! (20secs activity, 10 secs rest ,repeat 8xs) activity idea: dips, star jumps, step ups- you can choose any activity that gets your heart rate up and uses your entire body.  Burpees anyone?

M-mountain climbers

A-alternating lunges

S– ski jumps


Realistic Expectations is paramount this month. Too often stress levels are an all-time high as many are trying to create this idea called “perfect”…..the perfect holiday feast, putting up the perfect decorations, hosting the perfect party, wear the perfect dress/suit, buy the perfect gift, maintain the perfect weight.

If you can shift your thinking to focusing on what is realistic then you will truly ENJOY the holiday season. You will also feel less pressured. Know that what you do and what you plan WILL BE GOOD ENOUGH. It may even turn out to be better than just good enough.


The New England Journal of Medicine published a study a few years back stating the average person gains 3kg-4.5kg (7-10lbs) over the upcoming holiday time. A study by the British Dietetic Association stated, “ the average person will consume 6,000kcals on Christmas day alone, with most people consuming an additional 500kcal per day over this period which results in a weight gain of 2.6kg (5lbs) by New Years”.

To minimise looking like Santa come the end of the month you can implement these 3 tips:

  • Eat off smaller plates. Our eyes are bigger than our stomach some times. By reducing the size of the plate our eyes will think we are consuming more. Thus you will be satisfied without the EXTRA calories.
  • While at holiday gatherings, make conversations away from the food/drinks table. This will minimise mindless eating/drinking.
  • Drink water! Seems simple enough, but too often it’s overlooked. If you are drinking some alcoholic beverages, alternate between glasses of water. Drink a full glass of water before heading out to an event. This will fill your belly so you will be less inclined to start eating everything in site.


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