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Feb Fast a Bad Habit

What have you done with the first 5 weeks of this new year? Did you set your mind on something and follow through with completing it or fall flat?

February is the perfect month to really make a change. Think about it…it’s the only month that has the exact number of days it takes to make or break a habit (28 days).

It’s the perfect time to do a Feb Fast. Fasting doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to alcohol or a certain food. You can fast from a habit. Think about what you’d like to do differently this month and do that CONSISTENTLY for the next 28 days.

For example if you’re in the habit of always reaching for something sweet after dinner, swap it up and reach for a cup of flavoured tea. If you’re in the habit of taking a Pre-Workout before every training session, swap it up and try a small shot of espresso instead, it has far less chemicals and is better for your body.  If you’re in the habit of ordering a soft drink with your meal for lunch, opt for a bottle of sparkling water instead.

QUOTE:  Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. -Jim Ryan

HEALTH/FITNESS  Sitting too Much?

The British Journal of Sports Medicine conducted research on the health impact of sitting in the workplace. It stated,” Spending prolonged periods of the day sitting may have some health risks, including increased risk of cardiovascular diseasetype II diabetes, obesity and poor musculoskeletal health. On average, Australian adults sit for nearly 9 hours per day, and over half of this sitting occurs at the workplace.”

“Beneficial health outcomes occurred among employees who replaced workplace sitting by two hours a day with standing and/or light-intensity activity. However, reducing sitting by 4 or more hours a day was shown to have further health benefits.”

Be sure to get up and walk around as often as possible during the working day.

 MINDSET  This month find an affirmation to support a new thought pattern you want to have. They can easily be found by doing a google search or even better downloading a Free App that will provide you with one daily. Affirmations can be targeted to personal development or even diet and weight loss. The possibilities are endless and all available at your finger tips.

NUTRITION: Breakfast Egg Muffins  This is an easy brekky for the entire family to enjoy without spending time standing over the stove top. It is also a convenient meal on the go as it can be enjoyed hot or cold. I often make these the night before. http://www.dinneratthezoo.com/breakfast-egg-muffins/  

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