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We Eat With Our Eyes


Healthy eating shouldn’t be about how to make “good” versions of the “bad” foods. It shouldn’t be about restricting food choices either. Sure, substituting processed sugar for a smashed banana in a baked goods recipe or swapping a blended avocado with cocoa power is a better alternative to melted chocolate and thicken cream when making a mousse but, at the end of the day substitutions often still have as high of calorie count as the original item being craved.

Swapping or substituting is ideal from a HEALTH prospective! Yet, for those trying to drop some body fat it isn’t going to be changing the bottom line.

Healthy eating is about finding the balance between satisfying a craving and providing the energy source required to go about daily activities.

Food is meant to be enjoyed. It is meant to fuel our body. It is meant to provide nourishment to our body. Food is the natural medicine our body uses to thrive and function optimally.

Many of us Eat With Our Eyes.

This means we eat what looks most appetizing. We will often go for larger portions if the eyes have control over what the arm serves up too. The real eye opener is learning what the size of our stomach is.

Our stomach according Stanford doctor, Donald St.Claire, MD is approximately the size of a clenched fist! When is the last time you served yourself up a meal that size?

I was raised with the mentality, “eat everything on your plate or you can’t leave the table” and “don’t let your food go to waste”.

Those phrases are hard to silence even after all these years and after all I’ve learned. However, I’ve come up with new phrases to help.


“ If it stays on a shelf it will stay in your body,”


“Quality is better than quantity. Eating more just means more work has to be done later to burn it off”.


“Am I really hungry or just eating because it’s there?”.


Eating healthy is more cost effective than people think. Planning meals in advance makes creating a food shopping list possible for the week. It also means you’re able to buy only what’s required and nothing will be wasted or purchased on impulse.

These days there are heaps of at home delivery food options that are more cost effective than buying food out. One of my favourites at the moment is  https://www.balance80mealprep.com/.  Most meals are under $10!

I’ve actually used their meal prep pictures as inspiration to planning my own weekly meals and then buying those foods to make myself.

Their meals are FULL OF COLOUR, flavours and balanced between carbs, proteins and fats. Really takes the guess work out of what to make for lunch or dinner.

Here’s how I personally construct my meals:

  1. Choose a protein source (the size of my palm)
  2. Choose 2 veggies based on colour opposite protein (2 handfuls)
  3. Choose a slow digesting carb (fist size)
  4. Choose a healthy fat the (size of thumb)

Ex: If I’m having chicken I would opt for green, red or orange veggies such as Broccoli & red capsicum. I’d then go for a coloured quinoa or sweet potato or black beans. Lastly I’d add avocado. crushed walnuts or use a flaxseed or macadamia nut oil as dressing.

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