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Rev Up Before Winter

By April 26, 2019Uncategorized


Your metabolism and your resting metabolic rate are what aid you in weight loss or lead to weight gain. Your metabolism is the term used for your body’s ability to convert the food you eat into energy to fuel your daily activities (breathing/moving).  Your resting metabolic rate (also known as basal metabolism BMR) is the total calories your body burns while at rest. These are the amount of calories your body NEEDS on a daily basis to “survive”. When these are running optimally and you are feeding your body the amount of food it needs to function you will be able to burn fat and lose weight. Under eating daily and performing excessive activity can slow your BMR which results in weight gain in the long term. Want to speed your metabolism and BMR??? Be sure to eat a variety of properly portion FRESH foods to keep your metabolism revving.  Also be sure to do exercise that BUILDS MUSCLE. Lean muscle burns more calories than fat can ever burn.


What on EARTH have you been doing lately? I bet you’ve been wearing shoes, sitting indoors, feeling stressed, tossing and turning at night and wishing you had an easy solution to calm your racing thoughts and a way to combat fatigue. Well, there is. It’s called EARTHING. We live in a world that emits electromagnetic fields (EMF). When we are exposed to too many positive ones we experience difficulties in our thinking and body functioning optimally. Thankfully, the earth is a conductor of free electrons which neutralise the EMF’s in our body. The act of simply connecting with the earth- walking barefoot on the grass, laying skin on the sand has been shown to reduce inflammation in the boy, improve sleep, increase energy, relieve muscle tension and headaches, and accelerate recovery from intense exercise. When’s the last time you sat still with your bare skin in the grass or on the beach? Might be worth getting outdoors to clear more than your mind. Check out http://www.barefoothealing.com.au/ for more info. I had the pleasure of meeting with them at the mind body spirit expo years ago. 


Certain foods can also help BOOST METABOLISM.

-Cold Water: your body will burn more calories warming it up

-Egg whites: loaded with Vit D & Protein

– Lean Meats: high in iron

-Spicy Foods: chili peppers, high in Vit C

-High Fibre Foods: lentils, broccoli oatmeal, brown rice etc

-Tropical fruit: Grapefruit, high in water content

So how does this help you?

You can create meals with these items in mind. For brekky you can have a Broccoli & Feta Omelette sprinkled with chili pepper on a slice of whole grain toast. For lunch you may have chicken with a brown rice and quinoa mixed with diced capsicum. For dinner you may have a steak curry with cauliflower rice. As a snack you might have a grapefruit and shredded coconut fruit salad and chopped almonds. Get the idea?

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