Personal Training Memberships / Awards

  • Australian Fitness Network -Personal Trainer Member
  • Fitness Australia –Level 2 Exercise Professional Member
  • Vision Lane Cove- Personal Trainer of the Year Award 2014

Personal Training Qualifications

  • Master Trainer – Australian Institute of Fitness
  • Cert III & Cert IV in Fitness- Australian Institute of Fitness
  • Advanced Crank It Fitness Suspension Training Coach
  • Advanced ACE Certified Boxing Fitness Trainer

Nutrition & Outdoor Qualifications

  • Advanced Boot Camp & Outdoor Fitness Instructor
  • Metabolic Nutritionist Level 1
  • Precision Nutrition Coach Level 1
  • Metafit Coach
  • Wellness Coach

Business Qualifications

  • BA Business Management- Western New Mexico University, USA
  • MA International Business- UOW Sydney Business School, Australia


I was always active when I was younger. I took part in a lot of physical activities, from gymnastics, sprinting & hurdling on the track team, knocking goals on the field hockey team to cheerleading in both high school and at University. However, after receiving my first degree, a BA in Business Management I went straight into the work force and found I spent less time being active in sports. I’d go out for an occasional run or play around in a park to clear my head but, at the end of a long day at work I just felt exhausted.

I thought a change of scenery (moving from USA to Australia) and going back to university to earn a Master’s in International Business would open more doors to create a better work, life balance.

I had lived in Australia for a year before and fell in love with the comradery among the people, the fresh foods and quality of life. However, I soon discovered the cost of living on my own was a lot higher than in the USA. I ended up working longer hours in the office, and feeling even more “beat”. The frustration and stress I felt day in and day out was taking a toll on my physical and mental health.

Exercise had always been my “meditation in motion”. I always felt happier, lighter, and clear headed after doing a workout, even if it was only 20-30mins long. Short daily workouts were the only things that made me feel “sane” when I was working long hours in the office and under deadlines. It was a way to help myself after putting the needs of the company and everyone else before me.

This joy and clarity was something I wanted to experience every day. I wanted to help others feel the same way. So, I quit the business world and entered into the Health & Fitness world as my own boss.

I became a Master Personal Trainer from the Australian Institute of Fitness several years ago. I created Katalist Personal Training to help other people who felt like I did- stressed, tired, over worked, drained, and who had let their needs get put on the back burner to make a living. I’ve ran outdoor group training sessions, corporate group fitness training along with conducting individual one on one sessions. Everyone who has met and trained with me has changed their health around and improved their wellbeing.


Nov 4th 2018 WFF Worlds: California, USA
1 st place Miss World Pro Sports Model

Oct 7th 2018 WFF Nationals: Melb, Australia
1 st place Miss Australia Pro Sports Model

June 24 th 2017 WFF Universe : Rio, Brazil
1 st place Miss Universe Pro Sports Model

April 30 th 2017 WFF Miss Galaxy: Sydney, Australia
1 st place Miss Galaxy Super Model

April 2 nd 2017 WFF Kahma Classic: Melb, Australia
1 st place 30+ Sports Model Won PRO CARD
3 rd Place Pro line up

May 28 th 2016 Nationals:  Sydney, Australia
5 th place 30+ division
5 th place Pro Card division

May 22 nd 2016 NABBA/WFF Night of Champions: Newcastle, Australia
1 st place Fitness Model

April 28 2016 INBA Sydney Super Bodies Fitness Model: Sydney, Australia
1 st place 30+
1 st place Open
1 st place Overall

April 16 th 2016 INBA North Coast Classic Fitness Model: Newcastle, Australia
1 st place First Timers
1 st place Novice
1 st place 30+
1 st place Overall