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MINDSET: From a wellness perspective this is the key to being empowered to live in optimal health  and to be successful in life.  When implementing mindset tasks you will be able to re-Gain the ability to feel on top of the world and fulfilled.  Some mindset tasks will serve as an educational tool where as others will help you create new goals to strive towards.

EXERCISE CHALLENGES: There is always something fun about a friendly competition and trying something new. I’ve put together small physical challenges for us to work on weekly. In order to prove the challenge has been completed you must record yourself doing it and post it in the FaceBook group. You can attempt the challenge as many times as you would like in the week. At the end of each week 1 winner will be given a shout out.

TRAINING: I’ve put together a training program that consists of 1 upper body, 1 lower body and 1 cross training routine to do weekly. There are over 15 different routines. This is to provide you with a reason to train and variety to Re-Ignite fun into your training. After competing it may be tempting to  skip training sessions or on the flip side it may be tempting to train extra hard. Both cases are harmful to your body. Doing this program is the happy medium. The calendar serves as a guideline. You can swap the days you train as needed based on your schedule.

KNOWLEDGE GAINS: I’ve spent time working with and speaking to EXPERTS in the field of Clinical Psychology, Functional Medicine and Nutrition (just to name a few) to be able to answer questions that have come up for many women post comp. This information is available for you to fully understand from a holistic approach what is going on with your body and mind before, during and post comp.


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